Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome to World of Bully

The obligatory entry post.

This was intended as a total rip off and throw back to one of my favorite idle time WoW blogs, World of Ming. More than anything it would be a gesture to that nostalgic feeling I had of the old days, not just of the WoM blogs, and the others that inhabited the hub sites, but also way back to when I posted on RTCWnation,, ESReality and, not to mention some of the guest spots I did around the world.

We live in a world of social media now, and while written blogs are still there, and in some communities are still popular, we've definately seen a transition over to virtual content from YouTube, Twitch TV, Twitter, Facebook and reddit. Arguably reddit and the last remaining forums are the movements that have driven off the controlled and moderated blog sites. In this social media driven world, people prefer "access to anyone" content, which can be lifted or buried by the users themselves, opposed to the choice select writing articles. With that said, expert guides are always going to be popular, as a small and elite group are arguably the ones that can give us access to that.

With that said, I had planned to make this blog while I was playing World of Warcraft again. I was mixed up in the competitive RBG scene on most of the top teams in Europe both ally and horde side, while having some fun in arena. However, with WoD's release, I saw the best time for me to quit.

As such this blog will now focus on three things;

Smash 4 and my learning curve in this game.
My desire to go back and play classic games I've missed because for the last 15 years I've literally only played games that involve a "versus" mode.
A blog on more general, and sometime specific, notes on competitive gaming, practice and self improvement.

Moving into 2015, I am going to make a list of games I want to have completed going into 2016, and will start that today. I plan to post on progress through these games, thoughts and reviews.

I might also from time to time post on XWing the miniature game, however, likely I will reserve those posts for SONS blog.

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