Friday, 9 January 2015

WoW Twinking - 90-99 Bracket

So somehow I missed a change to the game, which both makes me want to play WoW a little bit again, purely in a casual way, and also never, ever, ding my character to max level.

Twink PVP has been around since the dawn of battlegrounds, and its had a fairly serious scene for a long time. Level 19 twinks were often the most popular, but it had broadened to level 70 and even "1 below max" twinks in recent years. Theres even a scene for the free to play twinks, who cant take advantage of the heirlooms, which were often best in slot. I myself have plenty of twink characters on my account, namely for the 11-15 (pre-mount) or 16-19 brackets, where you essentially have little more than heirlooms and enchants on nothing gear.

So whats the change that has made me really interested? Legendaries and Scaling.

Legendary weapons are iconic in the game, none more so than the Warglaives from Black Temple at level 70. They left their mark on the 70 arena scene, and are arguably the best looking weapons in WoW. Then we have the likes of Sulfuras and Thunderfury and a few other later additions, we are looking at some truly awesome weapons, that have been defunct for years. Now all of a sudden they are some what relevant.

Twink PVP now scales the items in the BG's - at the 90-99 bracket all items are scaled to 591, with the exception of some heirlooms and leveling items which will exceed this scaling. However, being able to use the healer legendary or warglaivess and have them being legitimately good just

The scaling also opens up an INSANE amount of customization. While Best in Slot is going to certainly involve getting out and leveling and picking up some of these 98 level epics and what not, being able to go back and find old set bonuses, and those fantastic trinkets with brilliant procs will just add what I'd consider the biggest depth to the game for a long time. WoW is so cookie cutter now, that there is very little room for customization. Max level players need to follow by at large the most efficient stat route or suffer the consequences. Though my priest at 90 did gem/stat change to suit mys style, nearly all my other characters followed a very precise route - and even personal flair was only added once certain stat caps were hit.

Right now on the priest I am testing using 6 of 8 Transcendence, the old tier 2 (and one of my favorite sets in the game. Through in the level 90 2 piece bonus and I've actually got 3 different set bonus's, the legendary mace from Ulduar, its become fairly enjoyable to actually think back to the past history of items and see if there are things that are worth getting to make BG's and Arena more fun and versatile.

So with that said, the only time I think I'll do twink PVP is at weekends when there will be people on, but its something I'll definately be doing. It wont get in the way of my other persuits, especially Smash Brothers, but its a great way to keep my confidence up and also keep my micro skills working.

Also without a shadow of a doubt I will be the best player in the twink brackets. I am yet to see a single person with anything above 2.2k experience, let alone gladiator. So with me riding in with High Warlord, multiple 2K+ rating requirement items and vanity pieces, and the gladiator mount to boot, it has made me quite the target, the way I like it.

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